Teaching updated January, 2017

Nancy Mēgan Corwin teaches traditional and non-traditional chasing and repoussé classes which include the most common approach such as using pine resin pitch as a base for punching sheet metal up from the back (repoussé) and for chasing (detailing and texturing the front surface); and the non-traditional approach of using dies for repetitive forms and outlines.

New intermediate and advanced class topics:

1. Crossing over:: This intermediate class focusses on creating overlapping forms which give the illusion of passing over one another as separate elements.

2. Using Dies for Multiples: In this intermediate class the student uses pre-made dies for forming the metal (useful in making multiples in a series or pairs of earrings, etc.); and dies for simple lining.

3. Chasing and Repoussé in Silver: This is an intermediate/advanced class in which the student works exclusively in silver. Students are excepted to bring design ideas to the first class.

Chasing and Repoussé — A Modern Approach with a Traditional Base: A beginning class in which students start out learning to use the tools and equipment, such as the pitch bowl and chasing hammer, for chasing and repoussé, while experimenting with the effects of these tools on sheet copper. The traditional approach of lining the front of the metal and punching out from the back is next. Finally the students learn texturing and refining techniques. Making a tool is included in three-day or longer classes only. Beginning classes are process oriented. Resulting pieces are considered samples. Mēgan brings lots of her own samples, finished pieces, and a selection of tools for students to use during class. Recommended textbook: “Chasing and Repoussé – Techniques Ancient and Modern” by Nancy Mēgan Corwin, published by Brynmorgen Press, which can be purchased through Amazon.com and through many jewelry tools and equipment supply companies.

Mēgan will be teaching the following confirmed classes in 2017:

January 14-15, 2017, 10am-5pm
Soldering with Megan Corwin
Class fee: $250

The Ranch Center for Arts and Crafts, Snohomish, WA
If your designs are limited because you avoid soldering. If you experience torch terror/are just getting started or just returning to metals. Most important—if you are ready to start the New Year with new skills—and the confidence to bring your work to the next level,  then this one’s for you!

The first day is all about learning to solder different kinds of constructions. We will cover butt, lap and 90° joints; sweat soldering two sheets together; pick soldering jump rings; attaching earring posts to earrings; and much more.

The second day students will make sterling silver band rings with decorative elements. You will go home with a finished ring – and lots of practice with the basics of soldering.

For more information, and to register click here
Course #171145

March 10-12, 2017, Friday–Sunday, 10am-5pm
Chasing and Repoussé: A Modern Approach with a Traditional Base
Class fee: $450 + $10 Materials Fee Payable to Instructor

Danaca Design Studios, Seattle, WA
This is a process oriented beginning class in which students will not only learn to use the tools for chasing and repoussé but will experiment with the extraordinary effects of these tools on sheet copper. Traditional lining and punching will be covered as well as refining techniques and everyone will have the opportunity to make one chasing tool.

On the first day students will experiment with the effects of these tools on sheet copper. The traditional approach of lining the front of the metal and punching out from the back is day two. Finally, the students will learn texturing and refining techniques on day three. There will be time to make one chasing tool. This beginning class is process oriented resulting in an informative group of samples from which to build.

No experience necessary, however returning students welcome. For more information and to register, contact Danaca Design Studios or call 206-524-0916